This is from an exercise I did this week – to write a Rondeau.  This was the ‘brief”:

A rondeau (plural rondeaux) is a form of French poetry with 15 lines written on two rhymes. The rondeau is a form of verse also used in English language poetry. It makes use of refrains, repeated according to a certain stylized pattern. It was customarily regarded as a challenge to arrange for these refrains to contribute to the meaning of the poem in as succinct and poignant a manner as possible.

The rondeau consists of thirteen lines of eight syllables, plus two refrains (which are half lines, each of four syllables. It has three stanzas and its rhyme scheme is as follows: (1) A A B B A (2) A A B with refrain: C (3) A A B B A with concluding refrain C. The refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line.

Here is one of 3 that I wrote.

The Future Bleeds

The future bleeds tears of the past.
Each conflict breeds yet more unrest.
What mankind will not do for land
he’ll do for gods or cash in hand.
So battles rage to east and west
as if the Great War never ceased
because of how they carved the beast
for power, for greed, for pride they planned.
The future bleeds
and hatreds nurtured in old breasts
are fed with baby milk. Unmanned,
youth bound is wasted on the wind
the present hour is squandered whilst
the future bleeds.

It is quite usual for me to come up with poems and stories in this way as I’m a member of WriteWords and belong to Flash forums there.  It’s fun!