About Oonah and a few Awards

January 2019 Moon Prize from Writing in a Woman’s Voice for my story Song of Everything


Every Day Poets – Editor 2008 – 2014
The Linnet’s Wings Poetry Editor 2015 — present

Oonah was born in Ballymena, N Ireland, studied at Ballymena Academy where she had work published in The Braid Magazine which encouraged her to think she could write!  She took a degree in French and Education at The University of Ulster which was then ‘New’.  After that she moved to S. Wales where she taught just about everything. Oonah is married with no offfspring and has lived in North East England for the past two decades.  She resigned from teaching in 2006.

Twice Longlisted for The Erbacce Poetry prize.

I have since taken up my longstanding interest in poetry and writing very short stuff and wandered into the realms of FIRST PERSON. I even have a facebook page these days and do the odd reading and I’m enjoying this new phase thoroughly. I’m on Twitter and Google+ too. Join me at one or all. I often put direct links to work there.

Free download to Mobile? The Ether App to read A Peel by Oonah V Joslin — http://bit.ly/bpvC84.

To listen to me read this story and a couple of other pieces go HERE and click on the Radio to the right.

Please let me know if you enjoy my stories and poems. I regard THIS as one of my greatest rewards.

and Please if you are a hollywood producer and want to turn one of my stories into a movie, make me an offer 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Interview Oct 2016

Interview April 2015

Interview July 2012

See Oonah LIVE at The Cumberland Arms 2011

Oonah discusses What is poetry with fellow poet John Stocks

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Awards Gallery

Microhorror Winner 2007

My 2008 Microhorror Prize

Microhorror Prize 2008 (in the middle there)

Microhorror Prize 2009

Binnacle Shorts 2009 and 2011

For my poems First Love and Death of the Father

Understanding Graphite Postcard Poetry & Prose Spring Contest Winner 2013

And the kind words of a fellow writer:

Angel Zapata: “Writers who I feel actively churn out quality flash fiction in a myriad of genres are Erin Cole, Chris Allinotte, Lily Childs, Laura Eno, Oonah V. Joslin, Jodi MacArthur, Michael J. Solender, and Nicole Monaghan.”

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  1. Nice blog, Oonah.
    Clean look also.


  2. Thank you Bill 🙂

  3. Nice site Oonah, good luck with it.

  4. Many thanks Nick. I hope you will visit again.

  5. Very fine. I like it a lot.

    If you like Zen and the Art of… have you tried ‘Lila an Enquiry into Morals’



  6. Dear Oonah, Just found your new blog “vaults” and it’s a lovely one. I hope to be visiting there often.

    Regards, Roberta

  7. I’ve been reading your posts for the last couple of hours, and it all has been really informative and well written. I did want to let you understand that for some reason this post doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer. On a side note, I had been wondering if you wanted to swap blogroll links? I hope to hear from you soon!